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Powered By Youth

Pathos Screen Printing is a non-profit organization designed to create lasting experiences and tools for the next generation of leaders.

We began in 2015 as a program of Ethos Youth Center. a local drop-in center where each young person deserves the opportunity to be recognized as an individual, participate fully in their community, and thrive in a place of creativity, security, and support.

Pathos Screen Printing provides jobs and skills development for local young people while providing top quality product for & with our local economy.

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Angel – Production Manager

A former Ethos kid, Angel started work at Pathos as part of our internship program and never left. He now runs the production side of the business and prints 90% of our apparel. In addition, Angel acts as our shop guide for new interns. He’s also a talented artist – many of his drawings have made their way onto a tee.

Stephanie – Shop Manager

Stephanie is our Jackie-of-all-trades: graphic design, orders, invoicing, staging, customer service, and more. If you have an inquiry, it’s Stephanie who’ll answer. Stephanie also oversees our PAC memberships, our social media, and our Pathos Apparel merchandise.