The Pathos Apparel Club is a quarterly membership program that helps fund our internship program and, in return, gives our supporters exclusive access to consciously created products & apparel. A membership includes two apparel items and surprise items curated from small local businesses every three months, plus the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting a non-profit mission-aligned business & youth empowerment programs.

The PACS are sent out mid March, June, September, and December.
The cut-off to sign up is the last day of month leading up to the PAC release date. (e.g. the last day to sign up for the March PAC is February 28th.)

PAC members also receive 20% off all Pathos Apparel, online or in-store!

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Pathos Apparel Club is part of Pathos Screen Printing; a program of Ethos Youth Center which is in turn part of Alliance for Community Transformations. Pathos Screen Printing provides insight into how screen printing and manufacturing work, along with incentivizing the youth to be the best they can be.

To help give back to those that donate to us, we are offering a Donor-ship program where you can give a quarterly donation and receive a PACkage from Pathos every three months. The minimum donation is $45 per quarter, but you can donate any amount above that that you would like! Save $10 when you subscribe for an entire year!

Donations will be used to help provide incentives for youth which encourage good work ethics.

To visit the dashboard, learn more, and help with the Pathos internship program, please click here!

All of our locally curated items come from other local Mariposa businesses! If you’d like to include your items, we’d love to talk about donations or wholesale pricing.